What I Do


John Ambrose works with professional race teams to develop winning car setups through simulation testing and data analysis. With this method, drivers can test the setups and provide valuable feedback before going to the track so John can adjust the setup to work best for individual driving styles. Then after the team arrives at the track and begins practice sessions, John continues to make adjust based on real-track data and team feedback—always looking for opportunities to improve performance. John continues to provide support throughout a race weekend and even during a race.


John Ambrose’s state-of-the-art full-motion simulators have the same data channels as a real car, but with even greater accuracy in the absence of signal noise and calibration errors. The performance of our simulators has been validated thoroughly by professional racing drivers across all categories. In addition, there is also access to a number of channels that are impossible to measure on a real car (such as tire forces), which enable a deeper and more thorough analysis of car behavior.

John utilizes sophisticated data acquisitioning software, to overlay simulator data with real-track data to give teams a detailed analysis, whether from a testing day, practice session or actual race.


John Ambrose provides both on-site and online driver coaching to drivers of all skill levels, from amateur to professional. John’s vast knowledge of both oval and road racing technique coupled with his understanding of vehicle dynamics enable him to provide drivers with valuable instruction to take their driving to the next level.

  • On-Site Coaching: John Ambrose’s on-site coaching at his facility near Dallas, Texas, offers a learning experience like no other, as it enables a driver to drive state-of-the-art scanned tracks with the same driver controls and the same level of feedback as a “real” racecar. Our state-of-the-art full-motion simulators replicate real car behavior with unprecedented accuracy and precision—enabling a driver to learn how to drive at the limit for any given track and car model.
  • Online Coaching: For those who cannot come to John’s training facility, he also offers online coaching. While you will not have the benefit of utilizing John’s full-motion simulators and working with John in-person, he can still evaluate your driving skill through online simulation racing and provide one-on-one driver instruction and coaching to improve your technique.

Both on-site and online coaching is customized to drivers’ specific needs. The format and content of instruction, as well as the amount of time, will be determined by the driver’s needs and budget. John can also put together a driver development plan that incorporates both on-site and online coaching over an extended time period for drivers who are serious about developing their racecraft.

John is also developing the John Ambrose Racing ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE—an intense 3-day driving workshop for drivers of all skill levels. Learn more about the pilot event here.



For additional information about any of the services above, including pricing, fill out our contact form or email john@johnambroseracing.com.