Ultimate Sim Experience Pilot Event

John Ambrose Racing debuted the ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE to a select group of drivers this past weekend, September 13-15. The ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE is an intense 3-day racing school for drivers of all skill levels, presented by John Ambrose Racing with the support of sponsors MoTec, Tully’s Coffee, Motegi Racing, Sparco, Fast Track Sims and iRace4Life.org.

Ultimate Sim Experience by John Ambrose Racing

John Ambrose has been developing the ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE throughout the 2013 racing season, and the goal of this pilot event was to bring together real-world drivers and sim-racers of various backgrounds and skill levels to test the effectiveness of the program and identify areas for improvement before the public launch this fall.

The ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE is designed to offer a small-group learning environment to drivers. With only four participants, each driver receives a significant amount of seat-time in one of John’s two full-motion simulators and receives one-on-one coaching by John. Each ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, providing nearly 20 hours of intense driving instruction. Each event will either focus on road racing or oval track racing, and this pilot focused solely on road racing.

Ultimate Sim Experience by John Ambrose Racing

The response to the ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE pilot from the four participants was overwhelmingly positive.

“I was interested to see how John was going to bridge the gap from simulation to real-world racing and was blown away by the actual experience. With the top-notch equipment and professionalism, I actually felt like I was buckling into my real racecar!” Wyatt Gooden, driver in the USF2000 Series

“Wow! John Ambrose Racing delivered big in their inaugural event! The balance of classroom theory, in-cockpit one-on-one-coaching, and John’s in-depth performance analysis produced amazing gains in my personal understanding of driving the limit.”  Paul Hieb, avid sim-racer preparing to transition to touring driver

“I really don’t think you can get better equipment anywhere—and to have 2 of them side-by-side is unprecedented. John utilizes the latest in technology to give the racer that 360-degree experience.” Sion Alford, founder irace4life.org and avid sim-racer

“In my last driving session, I was concentrating on all the things John taught over the weekend, and I shaved 3 seconds off my lap time and wasn’t fighting the car—with NO chassis adjustments. Now that I had NOT expected!” Don Satterfield, former sprint car and sports car driver

Ultimate Sim Experience by John Ambrose Racing

John Ambrose Racing also conducted a focus group with the four participants, and we are using the feedback and suggestions received to help finalize event details, including pricing and schedule, before announcing event details to the public and opening registration for fall and winter weekends.

We also had a production crew on-site during the pilot, and we are now in the process of developing a video to show potential participants exactly what the John Ambrose Racing’s ULTIMATE SIM EXPERIENCE is all about.

Ultimate Sim Experience by John Ambrose Racing

Our goal is to finalize all event details and complete the video as soon as possible and announce dates for all Fall/Winter events in early October. If you’re interested in learning more when details are announced, click here and fill out our contact form. We will notify you when details are posted. Please let us know if you would be more interested in a road racing or oval track focus.

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